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    Composer, conductor, and impresario, Franz Waxman was best known for his prolific
    career as a composer for the motion picture industry spanning 150 scores through the 1930-60’s.
    (At home in 1949 with his piano and collection of the complete works by Bach.)
  • franz-waxman-on-set-2000-1000
    Over the course of his career, Waxman scored over 150 films including five for
    Billy Wilder and four for Alfred Hitchcock including “Sunset Boulevard” and “Rear Window”.
    (On set in 1954.)
  • franz-waxman-oscar-2000-1000
    Waxman won two Oscars for Best Score, was nominated twelve times,
    and was the first to receive the honor in two consecutive years.
    (With Gene Kelly and the award for his 1950 score for “Sunset Boulevard”.)
  • franz-waxman-hollywood-bowl-2000-1000
    Waxman was also an accomplished concert composer and conductor. To this day, his most
    frequently performed work is Carmen Fantasie which was first recorded by Jascha Heiffetz in 1946.
    (Conducting Honneger’s “Joan of Arc” at the Hollywood Bowl 1949.)
  • franz-waxman-stravinsky-2000-1000
    In 1947, Waxman founded the Los Angeles Music Festival, and over the course of two decades used it as a platform
    to champion American composers and introduce significant international composers with over
    seventy premieres including work by Stravinsky, Shoenberg, and Shostakowitz. (Waxman with Stravinksy in 1960.)




October 16, 2014

Sinfonietta for string orchestra and timpani

New England Conservatory Chamber Orchestra

Boston, MA

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October 25, 2014

Carmen Fantasie for violin and orchestra

Emily Shehi, soloist, Dr. Tony Brandolino, conductor

Liberty Symphony Orchestra

Liberty, MO

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October 26, 2014

Carmen Fantasie for violin and orchestra

Arabella Steinbacher, violin soloist
Lawrence Foster, conductor

Orchestre Philharmonique De Monte-Carlo


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November 8, 2014

Taras Bulba Suite

Jane Brown, conductor

Reno Pops

Reno, NV

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December 13, 2014

Carmen Fantasie

Alma Baeva, soloist, Anthony Hermes, conductor

Gelderland Orchestra, Concertgebouw Auditorium

The Netherlands


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January 15-18, 2015

Carmen Fantasie

Leonid Sigal, violin soloist. Daniel Hege, conductor

Hartford Symphony Orchestra

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January 21, 2015

A Place in the Sun Suite

Thomas LACHAIZE sax soloist. Bernard POULET, conductor

Orchestre Symphonique Molto Assai

Bordeau, France

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